Jeff Zengerle


Jeff Zengerle joined the team October 2017 as a certified Generac Technician as well as the Scheduler for the division. He joined the Army right out of high school, then transitioned into the Texas National Guard in 2003. Since then, SFC Zengerle has worked in the United States Property & Fiscal Office, Joint Operations Center for natural disaster recovery efforts, CAV Regiment, engineering, and as a Recruiter in Victoria. Jeff credits having 18 years in the Army and Texas National Guard for teaching him multiple skills that allow him to have the best attention to detail and perfection for our customers. His positive attitude makes for an encouraging work environment. Currently, Jeff is in the process of deploying to Africa for a year. At the end of his tour, he will return to Wendt Services to continue his role as Generac Technician and Scheduler.

Because Jeff is Active Duty, please contact Elizabeth for your Generator Scheduling needs.